Daniel, asleep by Anya Cates

Why would a woman risk everything to protect a wanted criminal?

Late one summer evening, Marie returns to her Cambridge home to find her childhood friend Daniel Brydon taking refuge in her house, unkempt, injured and on the run from the police, and she finds herself facing an impossible choice. She knows that if she decides to help Daniel, she will cross all acceptable moral boundaries, alienate her friends and family and become a social outcast.

Over the course of the next few days, as she struggles with her conscience as well as with the unwelcome attention of the police and the press, Marie comes to accept that she may never learn what really happened on the fateful night Celine Dujardin disappeared...

ISBN: 9781452024530

Debut's Moral Dilemma

Why would a woman risk everything to protect a wanted criminal? That is the problem Anya Cates poses in her fast-paced debut novel which, rather than put you to sleep, will keep you awake all night.

Mixing thoughtful - and often comical - asides and observations with a plot that demands to be read in one sitting, Cates has already mastered the art of 'can't put me down' in this modern emotional thriller.

Centred on 20-something Marie, the narrative begins as old friend and convicted criminal Daniel turns up unannounced at her Cambridge home.

What follows is an intense storyline which promises action and tension in equal measure right through to its conclusion.

☆☆☆☆ - Nick Gill, THE COMET (Stevenage)

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